Chemistry Signature Assignment

Published August 4, 2015 by bigheart4love


Chemistry is all around us. Its in the simple things we enjoy, to the lavish excitement of fireworks. Its all around us. During the course of this class, I learned to see things through the mind of a chemist. How they look at the components of anything chemically structured is incredibly difficult. I recently lost a dear friend to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. While the loss is beyond tragic, learning the chemical composition as to what happened, why it happened, and how helped me come to terms with the loss. Chemistry taught me that!

Chemistry Signature Assignment.


Height of a Zero Gravity Parabolic Flight

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Math is an extremely hard subject for me. Often times, I look at math with an “how will I use this later in life” mentality. Most of the times, the answer comes back as I won’t use this later. Having done this project, I can see how NASA uses the formulas I was taught in class. Seeing the benefits of what I was taught in a real world scenario gives me a better understand and appreciation for my teachers time expressing such passion and interest into educating me. I can now see the possibilities of using the formulas in my everyday life and future career.

Math1010 eport


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I learned a lot about communicating effectively in this course. I did not realize there was much more than just the words we use everyday that affect our communication. This class definitely taught me to view how I communicate with others not just in my family, but throughout my work, school, and even in the most common practice today, technology. I am much more conscious of what I want my overall message to say and what it also says about me.


C. Ethics Review Question
Review the DVD about ethics and the section of Chapter 1 titled “Ethical Dimensions of Communication.” Based on this material, answer the following questions:

  • Have you ever told a “white lie” to someone because you thought it would be better than telling them the whole truth?
    • When and why did you tell the white lie?
    • Was your decision based on sound ethical principles?
    • Why or why not?
  • Justify your answer in terms of one or more of the ethical communication principles explained in your text and in the DVD.
  • Write for your classmates a one-sentence guideline they could use to help decide when a “white lie” is ethical or unethical.  Justify your guideline.


Much like everyone else, I have told a “white lie”. Most situations I presented myself in for the said “white lies” were primarily not to hurt someone’s feeling with the truth. Being a very direct, A-type personality, this is not always an easy thing for me to do. I usually am very forward and believe honesty is the best policy. The most recent experience was when a co-worker who, had been having some performance issues, had asked what my opinion of his performance was. I didn’t want to explain that I felt the same as everyone else, simply because he was outnumbered. I wanted to be a friend and be there as a person he could talk to about the concerns everyone was addressing to him. I felt this was ethical at the time to benefit our relationship and hopefully open up the possibility of criticism at a later date. Working in a professional environment I feel the professional ethical approach was used here.  (Adler & Elmhorst, p. 26)

Doing the ethical thing isn’t always easy (Adler & Elmhorst, p. 25). There will be times when you have to make a decision to do what is right based on the situation. Dealing with the consequences of the decisions is what you have to live with. Make sure you choose the proper approach when you tell little “white lies”.

Gender and Cultural Studies

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Fall semester began as a scary new adventure. It had been over a year since I went to school, and this time I was working towards my degree; not just a certificate. What I found the most enjoyable and most inspiring was how my class topics all intertwined between each other. It seemed the class topics would follow after each other and I could apply what I had learned from previous lessons and discussions to each separate class discussion that was related.  Learning about how gender and cultural changes have affected our society was very eye opening. It was amazing to me to see the difference in our society and how accepting we have become. It was hard to learn about the current situation in Russia in regards to gay rights. To see other countries refuse to accept an individual’s life choices in regards to their sexual preference makes me feel as though we are living fifty years in the past. Throughout this course, it was a true eye opener to see how other cultures treated women, and children. I had the fortunate opportunity to see “12 years a slave” in theatres. While this movie was not on the syllabus I feel it gave a real portrayal of what slavery was like. It engulfed the depiction of the era and oppression of the people. I believe this movie should be added to the syllabus as it was very helpful for me to really understand and see what slavery truly was like. This class was thoroughly enjoyable and I recommend it to other students getting their general education credits.

Gender Final Essay